Thursday, January 31, 2013


Some of you may recognize this harness. I made it last summer. Still one of my favorite things to wear. Super simple to make, basically just involves shopping. 
The straps and the ring I picked up in the purse making section at Joann Fabrics 
 Clip one end from each strap to the ring 
 Drape over shoulders  
Cross in the back 
Connect the crossed straps to the ring 
Done. Enjoy your new sexcessory 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's not news to report that man skirts are on trend.  Designers have been putting a spin on them for years.  I like to think of this skirt as the training wheels of the skirt world. 

This project is the perfect intro to skirt wearing, mostly because it just gives the illusion of a long shirt. I used my sewing machine, because I hate hand sewing, but you could easily hand sew this. 

Spring clothes are hitting the stores now so you can pick up plaid shirts for really cheap.
I got this one at Target for $8. I might pick up another one and wear them together. 

1. Lay out the shirt. I wanted to include the pockets so cut up from the armpit about 3 inches. 
 2. Measure your waist. Divide in half. Use tailors chalk to taper out the waist of the skirt. Cut turn inside out and sew the chalk lines.
3. Pin and hem the top seam of the shirt 
4.Fold down the top seam just above the buttonhole. 
 5. Pin and sew a baby hem.
 6. Cut out the placket behind the button hole. Done

Monday, January 21, 2013


Currently obsessed with my vintage Lee Jeans.
Your mothers favorite since 1975.....      

Speacial thanks to Geof for the photos 

Friday, January 18, 2013


If you are anything like me you most likely already own a pleather jacket. 
Super inexpensive and so tempting to buy... I've been hanging on to this one from Forever 21 for a few years now, and by Forever 21 I mean Heritage 1981, so yea its old.

While I appreciate this work horse of a garment, It was in need of an update.... 
The Versace Fall 2013 Menwear show last week really drove this home. 
Major lust over all the bedazzled moto jackets in that collection. 

The Rhinestones are from Joann Fabrics. I used about two bags of the jumbo size.
I didn't want any of the pinks or purples on my jacket, thats why I needed two bags. 
Learn from my mistakes. Be careful on the glue you use. If its too strong it can eat through the foiled back of the rhinestone and make a crackle effect.
I ended up just using Krazy Glue
Make sure that you test whatever glue you use on the pleather. 
I swear by this Craft Goop, but for whatever reason it wouldn't stick to the pleather.
Demonstrating some arm mobility here... it is possible in the jacket, just not super easy.
Thanks To Geof For The Photos... And The Red Hat

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I love all things rhinestone, sequin, glitter.... 
Like a moth to a flame i'm a sucker for a shiny object.

People tell me ALL the time "I don't have the money to dress well" 
**insert me eyerolling 
I would like to state that you can make this top for under $20 actually i'm sure you could do it for $10
Use coupons and look for sales. 
The Long Sleeve Tee is from Joanns, they are regularly on sale. I picked it up because I was there anyway. You could thrift a Tee or use one you already have. If you go this week I think they have them 2 for $10 or something crazy like that?

The Rhinestones I picked up at Michaels with a 40% off coupon. They come in a huge bag so you'll have plenty left over.... and trust me you'll need them. I have a Rhinestone 2.0 project coming up later in the week 
Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt
glue rhinestones in a symmetrical pattern around the neck.
I used Aleenes Jewel-It Glue

Done. Super easy statement sweater. 
Just make sure you let the glue dry for 48hrs before you wash it 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I love anything sheer. 
In the winter months it can be a little difficult though. 
So I was pretty excited to find this fabric at Joann's   
Its super sheer, but the bulk adds some warmth.... Also it was 75% off in the Halloween clearance. Soooo bonus!
I think they still carry it now in the costume section though. 
I'm not sure the original intent for it. I'm assuming it's a halloween decor fabric. 

You can find the pattern for the shirt I made over at Burda Style  Tons of copyright free patterns and resources. 
I used the Jersey Top Pattern 09/2012 #123a 

Did a few modifications to the pattern though. I took out the back button and gave the sides a straighter fit.

Sweater price upon request: dan@studsandbuttonholes.oom 
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