Monday, March 25, 2013


I'm obsessed with the Chanel Lego Clutch.  
Photo credit

My take on Karl's Clutch 
1. Gather Supplies. Pencil case / Lego Blocks / Glue / Primer / Paint (I ended up using green) 
2. Lightly sand the plastic, if the case has a stamped logo... like this one, sand them down 
3. This step is optional but I recommend you prime the everything. Just makes everything easier. 
4. Glue the lego blocks and spray paint the clutch in your color choice
Special thanks to Geof for snapping the pictures 

Because the clutch is plastic it could get a little noisy with a phone rattling around inside. 
I added felt to the inside. Works perfectly. 
I sprayed glue on the felt, folded it in half, cut to fit and glued it inside. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013


... I am a man of obsession. 
These striped clutches are so simple and quick to make. This time I played around with a slightly different pattern, smaller tape and added a center stripe.  
The "Extreme glitter" was kind of a waste in my opinion.... I layered it over the black paint, didn't make much difference. Click here for the bag tutorial

Thanks to my best friend Marissa for snapping the pictures! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I keep getting a fashion boner every time a Pierre Hardy or Goyard bag pops up in a street style blog. 
This is my take on a classic graphic portfolio. 
PS: a sewing machine makes this easier BUT you could get away with sewing this by hand. 
I also think that investing in a sewing machine is invaluable. You can pick one up for $50 bucks and it'll do almost everything you need. The first machine I ever purchased was a brother from Sears... I think I spent $60 and used it for 8 years, I've upgraded but I still have that machine. 

TIPS: Make sure that you get a thick canvas, duck cloth is best. You want the bag to hold its shape. Fabric stiffener works well too. Martha Stewart has one thats water resistant. I might throw this over my bag just to protect it. 

Cut a 15.5"x 20" rectangle from the canvas. I taped my fabric to my craft table, because you tape all the edges I didn't get any on the table. You could tape this to a piece of cardboard too. 
Pretty self explanatory with the stripes. I eye balled mine, you could measure the stripes... But It's such a busy pattern if you're a little off you really don't see it. 
**This is obvious, but make sure you let the paint dry before you tape off the next section. 
1. Pick out a fabric for the liner. I used a dish towel, I liked the pattern and they had a two pack on sale. Cut it with a little seam allowance at the top. So 15.5"x 20.5" then cut that in half. 
2. Line up the zipper at the top of the fabric. Right side of the zipper facing the right side of outer fabric. 
3. Then place the liner fabric, right side facing the wrong side of the zipper. Pin and sew. Repeat the same steps for the opposite side. 
4. You should have a rectangle. Make sure the zipper is open so you can turn the bag right side out. Pin and sew the sides of the bag.
5. Sew the bottom of the liner. Make sure that you leave a gap in the middle so you can turn the back inside out
6. Carefully turn the bag right side out... The stiff fabric makes it difficult so go slow. Pin and top stitch the lining closed. Push the lining inside the bag. 

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