Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Because the internet needs one more T-Shirt refashion....
T-shirt, half yard organza, and Mr. T to style the hell out of you. 
Left to Right.
1. Cut the sleeves off. 
2. Open up the bottom seam and use the sleeve as a pattern. Trace on craft paper leaving a seam allowance. Add a one inch flared section at the bottom. 
3. Cut out the sleeve on the selvage edge of the organza. 
4. Fold up the edge and stitch it down. 
5. Fold the sleeve in half, stitch the seam and turn the sleeve right side out. 
6. Turn the T-shirt inside out and insert the sleeve (thats turned right side out) pin and stitch to the shirt. 
Thanks for the photos Geof
**I know it looks like a bathroom wall? It is in fact the outside of a movie theater. 
We took these last week when we saw The Heat, its hilarious. 
Sorry about the poor location choice though. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I love shoes. Investing in statement shoes can always be a bit taxing. You can't wear them as much as a pair of basics... So statement shoes are best DIY'd for me. 

Tulip brand fabric paint is in my top five all time favorite craft products. It's the only paint i've found that REALLY works on shoes... it won't scuff off or crack over time, it's amazing. You do NEED to let the paint dry for a minimum of 72 hours . It needs that time to set, if you don't it will scuff really easily. 
From Left To Right
1.  Copper spray paint, Flip Flop  Glue. Mix Black and White paint to make Grey(I couldn't find a Grey that I liked, So I made my own)
2. Wipe down the shoes to make sure they are clean. 
3. Paint the shoe with 3 coats of the grey paint.
4. Tape off the insert in the stacked heel and paint it copper.
5. Tape off the strap and paint copper.  
6. Glue on a pennies with flip flop glue. 
Thanks for the photos Geof 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


No surprise that I LOVE Starbucks... 
and as of late i'm loving Lantern Coffee Bar & Lounge, Thanks to Blair
It's also no surprise that a daily coffee shop purchases can stack up.
This saves you money on three levels. 
One: Make iced coffee at home. 
Two: This Tumbler is cheaper than any store bought one 
Three: Bring your Tumbler to a coffee shop and they'll usually give you a discount.
I started looking around for a glass to go cup. Honestly, I couldn't find a single thing I liked. Everything had a weird logo with a Z in place of S, or it was tacky as hell.... I can't tote that around. I did find a few I liked on Etsy. But i'm impatient and couldn't wait for it to be shipped. Also nothing fit the glass and silver lid look I wanted, that wasn't a mason jar. 

This really isn't a new DIY, you can find a bunch on the internet. If you google that size grommet they automatically recommend reusable straws.
 I just wanted to share my tips on it... and the best jar for this. Period 

I think I made this for $4? I'm not adding in the $4 for the salsa jar. I already love and eat that all the time. If you don't like it Target uses the same jar for other products as well. 
You'll need a straw, you can pick up replacements anywhere that sells to go cups or use a Starbucks straw. The Grommets are 1/4 inch and at any hardware store. 

Left to Right 
1. Clean out the jar and remove label. I picked this jar because the lid is solid with no printing. 
2. Us acetone to remove the date stamp on the jar. 
3. Put the lid on the jar and CAREFULLY poke a hole in the center with a screwdriver and hammer. Make sure to hammer the underside so it doesn't have sharp edges. 
4. Push the grommet through the hole and insert the straw. 

I love how this turned out. I wanted a minimal glass container and I think this is perfect. Its also perfect for my infused waters that i'm obsessed with lately. I have an AdNArt glass infuser. I like the size of this better though.

My morning coffee routine: 
The night before I make a french press and pop it in the fridge overnight. 
In the morning I just add ice and organic hazelnut cream or just drink it black. It's amazing 
Run down of my favorite infused waters. I have Cucumber / Mint in the images 
Cinnamon Stick and Mint /Watermelon, Mint and Cucumber / Strawberry and Basil / Lemon, Cucumber and Rosemary.

Thanks for the photos Geof 

I forgot to mention my other favorite drink to put in my cup. Obviously you can't take this drink "to go' but its a great summer drink. 
Rosemary, Cucumber, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Water, and Gin
 This drink is best made over night. Make a pitcher of rosemary and cucumber water, its great by itself anyway. I added two shots of Gin / A splash of lemon juice / Two sugar cubes / Top off with the Rosemary Cucumber water and ice. 

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