Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This DIY is a little more involved than my other tutorials. I promise that its easier than it looks. You will be making your own pattern for these... again, not scary, I promise you can do this. This pattern is so simple and so adaptable. If you want to simplify, you don't have to do the pockets. 
I loved all the Metallic's in the Lanvin S/S2013 show and I loved Pharrell wearing the hell out of it in the Blurred Lines video. Frankie Morello did gold metallics a favor as well... thats really where my inspiration came from.
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Right to Left
1. Fold a pair of shorts that fit you in half and trace them on craft paper. Add a seam allowance and a little extra on the side and top. This is the "Back".
2. Cut out the pattern and trace a second one. Make a half circle from the center of the top to the outside seam. This will be your pocket and the "front".
3. Now you need a pocket lining, cut out a second "front" this one will be half the length of the pant. Instead of the curved inside seam just square it off. You should have a rectangle with a curved pocket cut out.
4. Cut out 2 "back" patterns / 2 "front" patterns / 2 pocket linings
5. Gold side facing, match up the pocket and stitch the seam together.
6. Flip the pocket to the inside. Paper clip the seam down so you can top stitch it. This way you won't poke holes in the fabric. Repeat for the other side.
Right to Left
7. Fold the pocket in half, stitch the bottom of the pocket closed.
8. Gold sides facing stitch the from and back inseam and outseams together.
9. With one leg inside out, put the other leg right side out inside the leg. Stitch the seam together with a strong zig zag stitch. This will be the crotch and seat seam, you want it to be strong.
10. Measure the front of the pant. Cut out two rectangles that length and 4 inches tall. This is your waistband.
Right to Left
11. Stitch the two sides together so you have a circle. Line the seams up on the shorts and the waistband. Stitch the two together all around the top.
12. Fold the waistband over to meet the seam allowance inside. Zig Zag stitch all the way around leaving a 2 inch gap at the back
13. Thread elastic through the waist (I used a knitting needle) stitch together and stitch the waistband closed. Try them on and adjust how much elastic you want.
14. Stitch the elastic together and Hem the shorts. I just cut mine to the length I wanted and put fray check around it.
Thanks For the Photos Geof! 
All Photos Are Property of Studs and Buttonholes unless otherwise noted

I have always wanted this blog to be helpful, not a place of rants. This is a story I need to share though. This weekend while wearing this outfit I was subjected to a disgusting display of discrimination. My boyfriend and I planned to meet friends and a local dueling piano bar (So obviously a high end establishment) 

I was told by a door staff of $5 dollar haircuts that I was wearing a "Costume" and quote "Shit" I was then told "This is a bar, we have standards and a dress code" 
I was forced to stand on the sidewalk while guys wearing jean shorts, t-shirts from a 3pack and flip flops were welcomed in. So I guess this outfit comes with a warning. Beware of bigot staff members, you may just look so offensive, local 1 star establishments will simply refuse to take your money. 
I guess I should also apologize for offending your eyes with this tutorial. 
Terribly sorry, Love Dan 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I keep seeing oversized black hats on street style blogs and runways. They aren't cheap... I found this straw dad hat at Target though and loved the shape. It comes in different sizes, I got the XL so it would be a bit oversized.
Left to Right 
1. Get a Hat (I'm not sure why I made this a step)
2. Remove the ribbon, if you get this hat its just glued on with a little hot glue. 
3. Spray paint the hat with flat black spray paint. **Outside or in a well ventilated area
4. Use the old ribbon to measure out a new peice of black ribbon. 
5. Hot glue it around the base of the hat
6. Boom, easiest DIY ever. 
 Thanks for the photos Geof

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I love dinosaurs. 
I'm a little embarrased that its taken me this long to post a dino related DIY.
I'm not sure if i've 100% nailed this bag yet? Might do some tweaking down the road. I want a white one so i'll play around with construction and Dino placement.
Left to Right
1. Cut out two squares from your bag fabric. Cut out whatever size you want your bag to be. Just make sure to add an inch and a half to the top. My bag 13"x16" 
2. Right sides facing, sew three sides of the bag. 
3. I didn't do a linning in the bag so I wanted to clean up the inside. Trim the seam allowance with pinking shears. 
4. Pinch the bottom corner of the bag and sew a straight line about 1 inch up from the corner. Repeat on the other side. Cut off the extra fabric with pinking shears. 
5. Fold the top of the bag inside. Mark where you want the snap to go with chalk. Press the bag together so you transfer the mark to the other side of the bag. 
6. Poke the prongs from the snap through the fabric and bend the out. Repeat on the other side
Left to Right
7. Glue the top seam allowance down with fabric glue
8. I used paper clips to hold it in place. Only leave them on until the glue gets tacky, you don't want to leave marks
9. Optional, add feet to your bag. I got studs and Joanns, they have a prong on the back that you poke through the bag on the bottom four corners.
10. Kill your dinosaur. I cut mine in half with a saw. 
11. Spray paint it Gold
12. Glue the Dino at the top of the bag
Thanks for the photos Sarah
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