Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Meet the Strawberry jalapeño cocktail, my new summer staple. 


Like my Ginger Pear Smash, you need to make a simple syrup. 
1 cup water
1 cup sugar 
1 Cup Chopped Strawberries 
1 Chopped Jalapeño

Combine sugar and water in a small saucepan and simmer over medium heat, stirring until sugar is completely dissolved. Add strawberries and jalapeño, simmer over low heat for 15 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool, strain, pour into a clean container with a tight-fitting lid. Keeps in the refrigerator for three weeks.
Now for the Cocktail
1 oz Simple Syrup 
0.5 oz Lime Juice 
2 oz Vodka (... or 3) 

In a cocktail shaker, add all three ingredients. Fill the shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a glass, with fresh ice. 

I kept this drink super simple, three ingredients, no garnish needed. If you want to make a pitcher, change ounces to cups. 
Special Thanks to my friend Alice, she gave me the Crystal Head Vodka

Saturday, May 3, 2014


I fell in love with the texture and shape of these $700 Juun J t-shirts. So, when I found this $16 dotted swiss fabric, I had to make a top out of it. I used an old t-shirt to make my pattern. If you don't have one to waste, Burda Style has an inexpensive pattern to play around with.
Step 1: Cut up a t-shirt to make your pattern. I wanted a raglan sleeve, so I cut accordingly. Open up the sleeve and body seams. I transferred this to paper, just so I could save it. 
Step 2: Cut out your pattern in the new fabric. For the sleeve I used a cotton waffle weave. Sew the sleeves to the body.
Step 3: Right sides facing, sew up the inside seams.
Step 4: Now for the neckline... Here's the formula, you'll need to measure the neck, mine was 23"
23"(Neck Measurement) - 15% + .5(seam allowance) = neck band length
Step 5: Cut out your neck band. I went on the bias, two inches wide.
Step 6: Right sides facing, stitch ends closed. Fold in half, turn right side out. 
Step 7: Pin and stitch to the shirt, raw edges together. I used a stretch zig zag stitch. 

Thanks for the photos Geof

Thursday, January 30, 2014


I'm going to start this post out by calling myself out...  Seasonal Affective Disorder has had its way with me. Sorry for the lack of posts. 

This bag took a few attempts. So I also apologize for not having photos for each step. I kind of lost the motivation after I scraped the second bag. 

Links will be in the supplies so you can be sure to get the correct sizes. 
Few notes on the supplies
What does NOT work on this bag. 
Don't glue the hinge on and don't use brads(hinge is too heavy). Blank pin backs work perfectly, I think thats what they're called. My niece is in the Army Reserves, she calls them "Damn its" because they fall off in basic training all the time. They worked great for me. I'll update the post in a month or so and let everyone know if they're still on. 
The vinyl is from a local fabric store, I can't find it online. Its waterproof, weatherproof, and antimicrobial. If you order from Here is a link to some coupons

**Update** I've been carrying the bag for about 4 weeks. Hinge looks great, and is holding up well. **


Again, I apologize that I didn't photograph each step. Basically you're making MADE: DINO on a larger scale, without the bottom seam.

STEP 1: Cut the vinyl to the size you want. If you like the size of mine, its 16.5" x 34"
If you don't want a lining make sure you clean up the seams. Pinking shears work great. The top seam will be exposed, lining or not.
STEP 2: Sew up both sides of the bag, square off the bottom corners. 
STEP 3: Cut you leather strap in half. Fold it in half width wise and stitch it down. Leave about an inch on each end. Go slow and use a needle made to go through leather. 
STEP 4: Place the handles(facing down) where you would like them on the bag. Mine are 4 inches from the seam. Hold with a paperclip and stitch them down. Use a pretty aggressive stitch. You don't want the handles to rip off. 
STEP 5: Cut out your lining, it should be the same size as your bag. Sew it up the same was you did the bag. 
STEP 6: Pin the door hinges on the sides of the bag. The pin backs should be on the inside of the bag.
STEP 7: Slide the lining in the bag with wrong sides facing. 
STEP 8: Fold the top seam down about an inch. Paper clip it in place and top stitch all round. 
OPTIONAL: I added pockets to my lining and a snap from MADE: DINO 

Thanks For The Photos Geof

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Tis the season to gift... Or make things for yourself. 

Giving homemade gifts can always be a little difficult. You don't want to look super cheap, or give crap. 
This doesn't look cheap, and everyone can use this crap. I mean, you can always use a leather bag. 
This bag makes a great gift because its SUPER easy, SUPER fast, and totally customizable. It doesn't have to be leather, and you can mold anything to put on the strap.  

If you made the Shark Tooth Necklace and the Skeleton Jacket I made... You'll already have half the supplies you need for this. So taking that cost out, you can make this Leather** bag for about $15 
**"Leather" said like Jimmy Fallon in the Leather Man Skit on SNL. 

You'll need some leather, craft stores carry these in a bunch of different colors. Its an inexpensive way to make a real leather bag. I think the 8.5"x11" size is perfect for a bag. I got mine at Michaels, so I could use a coupon. 

Left to Right
1. Trim up the Leather pieces to match, they come a little uneven.  
2. Right sides facing, put in the zipper. Same steps as the Painted Clutch minus the lining. 
3. Place the leather strap where you want it on the clutch and paperclip it in place. Stitch the three sides closed, make sure the zipper is open.
4. Trim the seam allowance with pinking shears, I think it gives a finished look. 

Left To Right 
1. Mix the two parts together, Roll into a ball 
2. Press the skull button in the silicon and let sit for 15 minutes 
3. Remove the skull button. 
4. Mix equal parts resin and make Six Skulls. 
5. Paint them the colors of the rainbow. 
6. Use Beacon Gem-Tac to glue the skulls on the strap. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I know this isn't a fashion DIY, but mixology has been taking up a lot of my time lately. I couldn't help but share this, I don't want to brag, but this is pretty damn delicious. Its a mix of Ginger, Seckel Pear, Basil, and Gin. You can play around with the Ginger/Gin to find your perfect balance. 

The flavor profile is sweet with a little peppery bite at the end. So pay attention to the type of Gin you're using. I'm using Tanqueray, Known to have a juniper and coriander flavor. Pretty standard for Gin 

If you use something like Hendricks, that has Bulgarian rose and cucumber. So the final balance of the drink will be a little different. 

1 Cup Sugar 
1 Cup Water 
1 Bunch of Basil 
1 or 2 Large Ginger Root, sliced (I didn't peel mine, I just washed it)
1 Seckel Pear 

On the stove add the sugar and water together in a pot, bring to a low boil, and reduce the heat. Stir until the sugar is dissolved and add in the Ginger, Basil, and Pear to the syrup. I turned off the heat and let the pot sit on the stove for an hour. Strain the syrup into an airtight jar. You can keep the the syrup in the refrigerator up to a month. 

1 Seckel Pear
1/2 Ounce Ginger/Basil/Pear simple syrup 
2 Ounces Gin 
Ginger Ale 

Slice the sides off the Seckel Pear. Set the middle aside for Garnish. Cube the rest

Combine The Pear and 1/2 Ounce Simple Syrup to a Cocktail Shaker and Muddle 

Add 2 Ounces of Gin, fill with ice, and shake 

For a clean cocktail you're going to want to double strain this over ice. You have a lot floating around from the muddle. 

Top off with Ginger Ale and Garnish with the Pear. 


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